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Asuna spends her solitary days listening to the mysterious music emanating from the cat's-whisker receiver her father gave to her as a memento, accompanied by pet cat Mimi, who bears strange red markings on her fur.

One day, while walking to her clubhouse across a bridge, she is attacked by a fearsome creature and saved by a mysterious teenage boy who calls himself Shun.

Asuna treats Shun's wound from fighting the creature and later they both listen to Asuna's radio. Shun tells Asuna he is from another country called Agartha and that he came to this place to find something.

He then gives Asuna a blessing in the form of a kiss to the forehead. Highly recommended if you've ever watched the anime film 5 Centimeters per Second by Makoto Shinkai.

This film is his longest animation film to date and is described as a "lively" animated film with adventure, action, and romance centered on a cheerful and spirited girl on a journey to say "farewell".

Haruka Kotoura is a year-old girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds. As a child she blurts out what people around her are thinking, not yet knowing that these thoughts were connected to the person's true feelings.

She soon gets ridiculed by her classmates at school and loses all of her friends. The strain gets to be too much on her parents as well which results in her mom abandoning her after she inadvertently exposes an affair between them.

Haruka becomes a recluse when she distances herself from everyone, concluding that she only brings people bad luck. Things start to change when she starts high school and meets a guy named Yoshihisa Manabe.

He is shown to be unfazed by Haruka's mind-reading ability but has a perverted imagination. Yoshihisa offers her his friendship and vows to stand by her side regardless of the circumstances.

This anime might seem childish at first, and maybe even a bit odd, but once the storyline really comes into the series, it's hard to stop watching! The only highschool romance anime I've watched that I ended up liking enough to recommend, so I hope you enjoy!

I am not going to give out a lot of information on this one becuase that'll spoil too much of it! A powerful creature claims that within a year, Earth will be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance by becoming a homeroom teacher where he teaches his students about how to kill him.

An assassin's classroom is born at the lowest of the low in a popular highschool in the area. To this day, one of the few anime's that I still enjoy going back and rewatching.

This was a truly heartwarming anime to watch and actually made me majorly tearup at the end, thank goodness for the ova!

Just like Assassination Classroom, I'm not going into great detail of the top 5 because I feel like they have such detailed and complex plots that I don't want to spoil!

On Ice is about competitive figure skating, and so it has a heavy focus on strength, competition, and the pleasure of winning. As each skater performs their routine, viewers are treated to their innermost thoughts — their hopes, their dreams, their insecurities and reflection on their own movements.

Unfortunately after a crushing defeat in the Grand Prix Final and other competition losses, year-old Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki develops mixed feelings about skating and puts his career on hold; returning to his hometown of Hasetsu in Kyushu.

Yuri visits his childhood friend, Yuko, at an ice rink Ice Castle Hasetsu and perfectly mimics an advanced skating routine performed by his idol: Russian figure skating champion Victor Nikiforov.

When secretly recorded footage of Yuri's performance is uploaded to the internet, it catches Victor's attention, and he travels to Kyushu with an offer to coach Yuri and revive his figure-skating career.

Absolutely love this anime! The whole soundtrack is unique to each episode and performance by the characters and the opening itself was made by 1 person in just a matter of a couple days.

This anime takes place in an alternate reality where a short-period comet called Charlotte passes near Earth once every 75 years. As this happens, it spreads dust onto the Earth, which causes a small percentage of preadolescent children who inhale the dust to manifest superhuman abilities upon reaching puberty.

The story follows the protagonist Yuu Otosaka, a boy who awakens the ability to temporarily possess another person for five seconds.

Although hoping to use his ability to fraudulently live a carefree high school life, he is unexpectedly exposed by Nao Tomori, a girl who can make herself invisible to a specific target.

She forces him to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy "Sea of Stars Academy" and join its student council, of which she is the president.

The student council's main objective is to ensure the safety of ability users from organizations who seek to exploit their powers. In doing so, the student council warns ability users of the potential danger of using their abilities openly.

I have a soft spot for this anime. I got into by seeing a music video on my YouTube's recommended and watched it. The ship in this series is actually official, not cannon, but not move like a kiss is made to signify this idk about the mange though.

Totally recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys watching super powered anime's, and sorta overpowered male protagonist he has to work for his power.

Having been ostracized by both her relatives and partially by society, orphaned high school student Chise Hatori decides to sell herself at an auction in order for somebody else to take her in and have a new place to call home.

At the auction, she is sold for five million pounds to Elias Ainsworth; a seven foot tall humanoid wearing a skeleton-like mask over his face.

This magus who seems closer to demon than human, will either bring her the light she desperately seeks, or drown her in ever deeper shadows.

This anime doesn't waste any sort of time, its action packed and mysterious from the get-go. To be perfectly honest, I had a very hard time with which anime I wanted to be in 2nd place and 1st, it all came down to this: Mahoutsukai no Yome doesn't express emotions the way other anime's do.

Let me rephrase that, both of the main characters are awkward and don't know how to often express their feelings.

Well, they both know how to show the important ones like love, hate, and anger. Lastly, we have our number one choice, Akagami no Shirayukihime.

Shirayuki is a normal herbalist in the kingdom of Tanbarun with one unique feature: Due to her unusual hair color, Shirayuki was raised to always be careful of showing her hair in new surroundings and grew to be an independent young woman.

However, her hair gets her noticed by Prince Raj, who orders her to become his concubine. Refusing his orders, she cuts her hair and leaves it behind as part of what he wanted and escapes to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines.

On her way there, she meets and befriends Prince Zen and his two aides Mitsuhide and Kiki. I got into this anime immediately after I had finished the series called Myraid Colors Phantom World, so I had kinda rushed into the anime at first.

But then I got into it, and I took a step back and I actually restarted watching this anime, just to slow down.

I think that's why I picked this series to be my number 1 choice, because it was so heartwarming and touching once you take a moment to enjoy it. The characters are realistic and their relationships with one another are more complex than they seem on the surface.

I believe the reason why I like this story so much is because the two main protagonists fell in love in spite of opposition due to their difference in social status.

However, for Bell Cranel, fame and riches are secondary to what he wants to find the most: He soon finds out though, that anything can happen in Dungeon, and winds up being the damsel in distress instead!

Hakaze, princess of the Kusaribe mage clan, has been betrayed and marooned on an island by her own people.

They seek to revive the Tree of Exodus, an incomprehensibly powerful entity of alien origin, to save the world from the tyranny of its antithesis: Hakaze, however, believes their efforts put humanity in jeopardy; and with her power limited, she can only reach out to the world to beg for aid.

Her call reaches Mahiro Fuwa, a young man grieving the mysterious death of his sister, Aika. Brilliant condition, worth visiting. Caring Owner, motivated to sell.

Carefully maintained, always looked after by the owner. Cheap brand boat Sunseeker at Lake Constance. The engines were renewed in and the drive overhauled.

It has a spacious sleeping area and sink and refrigerator for quick meals in between. Likewise, a toilet with washing facilities on board, [more Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an [more Wood mahogany hull, teak deck Engine: OMC 69 M Engine power:

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